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Avcom Avionics & Instruments, Inc. 

Avcom Avionics is a service oriented company in business for 26 years specializing in the sales and service of complex LRU’s that are only serviced by OEM’s. Our Miami facilities consist of three buildings dedicated to Engineering, Logistics Center, and ATE shop. Currently our test platforms are capable of supporting Boeing, Airbus, CRJ, and ERJ aircraft. We pride ourselves not only as the largest privately held ATE operator in the USA, but also the most experienced. We are approved vendor for the just about every carrier in the Americas and overseas. We are the closest thing to consolidating six OEM’s under one roof, “Not all tags are created equal”. Avcom Technik ” Americas Technik” YOUR GLOBAL PARTNER.

Change is necessary.

Increases in fuel and operating expenses of today’s complex New Generation aircraft demand a change in the way you do business. At Avcom Technik™ Avionics & Instrument Repairs we have spent over 25 years thinking outside the box to come up with innovative solutions which have prepared us for this era in aviation. Your competitor is utilizing our outstanding quality, service and reliability to work for them.


Dominate your maintenance costs.

The only way to lead the pack is to keep your aircraft at peak performance while keeping your maintenance costs at a minimum. In our business only the strong survive. Guaranteed repair prices, turnaround times and superior warranties are just a few of the value-added services Avcom Avionics provides to help you keep operating expenses down.  The confidence Avcom Avionics provides its customers by tailoring avionics maintenance programs to their individual needs will give you the advantage necessary to lead, not follow.

We are global.

Avcom’s staff, strategically located around the globe, insures your needs are met immediately and efficiently. Our services are being delivered to the farthest reaches of the world daily. We can arrange for your equipment to reach you, no matter where you are, within 24 hours. By capitalizing on our headquarters in Miami, Florida, we give you access to the world’s largest freight companies and couriers just minutes away from headquarters.

For all your Avionics Repair needs Avcom is here for you!

  • After my private tour, I knew I had selected a leader in Avionics repair!
    - Marino Velazquez
  • Working with Avcom has shown me the professionalism they uphold to their clients!
    - Bruce Quiroz
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